About Us

Amidst rights and duties, responsibilities and privileges & the prevalent highly competitive and professional atmosphere, a need is felt for advocacy and promotion of ones vested rights and adoption of ways and means for avoidance of damages to such interests.

The idea of providing reliable legal services in the field of commercial, corporate, criminal and civil rights and obligations led to the establishment of Precision. Born with the conviction of developing compliance with law, Precision vows to achieve the confidence of its clients by providing high quality and credible legal consultancy to their ultimate satisfaction.

At Precision, a partnership firm registered with the Registrar Firm, Islamabad, Ameena Sohail, who is an advocate of the High Court, heads Precision’s legal services. After graduating from International Islamic University in Sharia’h and Law, She persued her Masters in Comparitive Law at McGill University, Montreal. Ms. Ameena has extensive experience of working for a variety of commercial & corporate clients and Government Agencies. She has had the opportunity to hold a number of short-term full time assignments at the Private Power and Infrastructure Board (PPIB) and the Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP). She also carries a vast experience of acting as an in house legal counsel of the National Electric Power Regulatory Authority (NEPRA); where she advised the Authority on different aspects of the electric power regulation in the country such as grant of licenses, prescription of standards and codes etc.

Mr. Ishtiaq Haider Sherazi, Advocate Supreme Court of Pakistan is the senior most associate the firm can bank on for handling and supervision of tasks assigned in respect of criminal, civil and commercial cum banking matters. Mr Sherazi was admitted to the Punjab Bar in 1981. His areas of practice include criminal, corporate, constitutional and general civil litigation, arbitration, pre-trial negotiations, conferences, settlements and general consultancy in contentious matters. He has played a pivotal role in many high profile arbitration proceedings. He is representing as counsel M/s Astaldi Ferrocemento Joint Venture, M/s Bayinder Construction Incorporation, M/s National Telecommunication Corporation and M/s State Life Insurance Corporation in the arbitration proceeding. He has represented in some high profile arbitrations of National Highway Authority, National Logistic Cell and M/s Pavital Engineering SPA, Italy. He has extensive experience in the field of contract negotiations , drafting, vetting and rendering legal advice on issues pertaining to contracts.

Mr. Akseer Abbasi, Advocate High Court is a law graduate of International Islamic University, Islamabad and has regular appearance before different judges in the Islamabad District Courts. He confidently handles, Land, succession, Rent and other contractual matters. His criminal practice is also widely recognized. Apart from litigation Mr Aksee’s qualification in Shariah Law has inspired him to continue research activities in Hudood, Inheritance and Islamic Laws applicable in Pakistan.

Mr. Faraz Afzal is an Income Tax Practitioner. He is an MBA and has wide experience in Tax consultancy, which has earned him a good name among the businessman community of the twin cities and has the honour to be the only Trade Mark Agent in this area. Mr. Fraz , the youngest Secretary General of Rawalpindi/Islamabad Tax Bar Association, is a known speaker among the academia on the subject of tax and trade marks and WTO related issues of trade.

Miss Huma Altaf Raja, Advocate High court is another qualified legal practitioner at Precision. Ms. Huma is a law graduate of PUNJAB LAW COLLEGE (PUNJAB UNIVERSITY) and has also achieved master in Political Science form the Punjab University. She attained knowledge of W.T.O, Immigration Laws, Shariah Law and Human Rights. She has extensive experience of dealing with family cases, succession, land and other civil matters.

Precision, in order to extend its services to the benefit of its clients in places other than Rawalpindi and Islamabad has established liaison with lawyers in Lahore, Karachi and Taxila, as well.

Consultancy in the field of Engineering, Finance and Accountancy is another unique feature of Precision. A team of highly professional engineers (mechanical, electrical and software) is associated with us for providing quality solutions to our industrial and commercial clients.